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"I really just want to be warm yellow light that pours all over everyone I love."

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Because DMT is released from your pineal gland when dreaming, that would mean that a nightmare is essentially a bad trip created within your own mental realm, right? holy fuck.

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Permalink So I went with a couple buddies to Grass Valley, CA yesterday. Not only is the entire region filled with old growth forest, and scenic ass trails and waterfalls, but it lives up to its name in the weed department. I was only in town for about an hour and two guys offered me bomb shit for cheap, although one of them was probably all talk. But I ended up leaving with an eighth of some of the best weed i’ve ever smoked for 20 bucks. Most successful day trip ever, fuck reno shwag.

WHole Tones collab


Chain smokin, but im still an asmatic

Shoot your fuckin’ family with a semi-automatic

hear the beat play, like i beat those track addicts

fuck your ears thru the static

mr. brown can moo. can you?

youre just a hole…

My Verse.

staring at the ceiling as i watch it peel off

steal cough syrup and i lace it with a molatov

cocktail, leave a cops trail of blood

so they know where to find me, gloves off,

more where that came from, top shelf only,

im a goddamn vampire, fuck anything holy

chainlink fence like a thousand holes of glory

smokin rollies like chong, hit the zong

and im gone, fresher than this song

blow up tracks like im da bomb

slow it up, turn it down, chill out

and freeze, freestyle when i please

fuel this force with a forest of trees

heaps of pine keeps my mind mellow

make a classy bitch bellow,

dont even say hello just hand me your best shit.

or ill take it…


The Skeptical Environmentalist

Apparently a very controversial book, it argues that global warming, while a reality, is not the priority for our resources to be put into. I can see where Lomborg is coming from, because people are dying due to starvation and war and so on every day… But in my opinion, a huge question that needs to be answered and included in this debate is, How are we going to produce enough food for our populations when we run out of oil? As we have most definitely reached Peak Oil, we can expect gas prices, energy prices and countless other goods prices to rise once again, and continue to rise. Eventually, only the upper class will be able to afford to use energy frivolously. Transportation will become too expensive for most. All but the biggest non-local companies will be unable to deliver goods or food to markets. We will have to rely on our own ability, as well as our community’s ability, to provide for ourselves. That is, to grow, maintain and harvest food to eat that we can no longer buy at affordable prices at Safemart. This documentary really got me thinking about what the real issues are, and for what reasons people focus on them, and I could go on, but im very tired, and must also learn more… Peace.